“This book was quite an interesting read. It was able to answer a lot of my questions regarding atheism.”

Derrick C. Woodward, Fort Smith, Arkansas

“I used to paint atheism in a very bad light until I read this book. Now I understand where my atheist friends are coming from.”

Clifton S. Temple, Denver, Colorado

“I commend the author for thoroughly explaining a rather controversial topic. The book taught me to be a bit more open-minded when talking about such subjects.”

Gary N. Garner, Chicago, Illinois

About the Book

The Imprisonment of Self is an eye-opening book that explains the history of atheism, and how it managed to become a dominant belief in the United States. Fitzpatrick uses details written down by historical figures to back up his insights. He also goes on to explain reasons behind many people turning their backs on their faith. He points out that those people seek a god or gods who are able to appease their desires. Failure to do so prompts them to either make their own god or denying the existence of one.

Andrew Fritzpatrick

About the Author

Andrew Fitzpatrick is a father of eight children. Despite being raised as a Catholic and exclusively attending Catholic schools, he left the Church for more than five years because he did not understand the importance of the Catholic Faith. As he researched history and archaeology, he found the significance of the Catholicism in a historical sense. After more than five years of “giving the Church up for Lent,” the author and former Marine returned to the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Church on Easter of 1991. Recognition of the historical impact of the Catholic Church and other religions has helped the author to grow in the Catholic Faith.


While the religion of Atheism professes a belief in no god, practitioners of Atheism will worship the dictates of the desires that envelop them and adhere to those dictates with ardent fervor, thus making all of those desires, in reality, gods. What should be considered is that the gods of Atheism are simply not acknowledged as gods. As a result, the practitioners of Atheism may not recognize these desires as gods or may deny the existence of any such gods, but they will worship these gods, through their actions, just the same.

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